The Greater Than One Group is the leading independent global communications company dedicated to marketing in the interconnected world we live in.

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We create purpose-built teams who infuse speed, agility, innovation, and curiosity into our clients’ brands and ensure existing relationships and investments succeed faster.

Thought Leadership

We generate big ideas that work well across channels – and across partner agencies — because,
as an independent company, we remain outside the friction that can occur within consolidated agencies.

GTO Named Top 100 Agency by MM&M.

Citing big wins, including the Entresto campaign approaching 1 billion global touchpoints, MM&M placed GTO in its Top 100 Agencies list for 2016.

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Healthcare Customer Experience is radically changing health and wellness marketing."

The future of healthcare belongs to those who create HCX that aligns with how customers demand to be treated in the moment—HCX that mirrors the access, personalization, and interconnectedness of our technology-mediated world.

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We helped hold healthcare’s first-ever Facebook Live chat. Here’s how.

Garrett refreshed the page. The little blue globe sparkled with four(!) new notifications. Four questions about heart failure, coming from all over the world, that needed answers in real-time.

Healthcare had just gone live.

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As HCP's turn down live sales reps, digital steps in to lead.

For the first time ever, digital and non-personal contacts between the pharmaceutical industry and physicians have topped in-person salesperson visits. Here's what this means for marketers.

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